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Find out how Social Media Management can work for you!

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Find out how Social Media Management can work for you!

The proper and effective use of Social Media is to build community, conversation and relationships with your audience. Yet while you are focusing on running a business, this task alone can overload you!

Brandit360 will provide strategy, development, consulting and execution to bring all aspects of social media efforts into alignment with your companies goals and purpose.

Brandit360 will create specific, unique content centering on your company’s product or business, as well as your specific social media goals. We will create content that speaks not only to those engaging on the specific social media platform, but also to your business audience.

Here’s how we build a social strategy that works:

Identify your target customers
Social media is vast, and identifying and reaching the right target audience requires work. To do this, we create customer personas that answer the question “who am I selling to?”. This will also help identify the right social networks to focus on—the ones where your specific audience is active! Hint: a little social listening goes a long way with this.

Research your competition
Knowing your competition starts by monitoring and analyzing their social media marketing activities. It’s not just knowing the other brands in the niche, but also digging-deep to learn their strengths/weaknesses. Understanding competitor strategy is instrumental in learning more about an industry.

Define your marketing goals
As a business, you get to hand-pick your key metrics based on your goals and track your growth-curve along those metrics. This can be number of leads generated, deals won, or even website visits. For instance, an e-commerce brand on Instagram will prioritize directing traffic to their online store over gaining comments on their posts.

Build a social media marketing calendar
A social media marketing calendar is essentially a content calendar that visualizes a brand’s entire social media content pipeline. A content calendar will list out the posting schedule for each network and help track what’s been posted and what’s upcoming—to help keep the content flowing and avoid overlaps.

Set up content resources
Building a library of evergreen content will power your posting schedule—this will keep your calendar well-stacked and your social channels thriving. Curating and sharing relevant content (with attribution!) can help social channels inform their audience, and ensure that content pipeline never goes dry.

√ Social Content Creation
√ Social Media Posting Schedule

√ Social Campaign Development
√ Social Media Advertising

√ Reputation Management

√ Social Media Strategy Plan
√ Dedicated Social Media Manager

√ Monthly Performance Reports

Our social media management services are always customized and are based on specific client needs. Minimum 6-month retainer.

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