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Fact Office Corporate Branding

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Fact Office Corporate Branding
We started the projects with a clear understanding of what the client wanted the brand to represent, this include determination of the colours to use and their significant impact to the perception of the company. We created the logo from the letter F & O, merging to a unique icon that can be recognized in the Accounting & Audit market. We recommended to the client the need to create a full detail of corporate documents and design the Fact Office Business Cards & Company profile from the same concept that we were asked to apply on the website.


Infuse Digital branding team was tasked with rebranding of Fact Office, an accounting firm that operates in Gaborone and looking to expand into other regions of the country. The task was to create a brand image that resonates with the corporate world and also add a sense of comfort from the color to the fonts that we selected.

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Fact Office

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